Danish food

Danish food habits and traditions

The most popular Danish dishes for dinner range widely in both types, ingredients and culinary profile. There is a difference between the Danes eating habits on weekdays and weekends. Dishes based on roasts are popular in weekends, but isn't on the list of the ten most popular everyday dishes. Chicken is very popular both everyday and weekend and occurs in many different dishes, however, usually served with potatoes, green and salad - a dish, most often categorized as modern Danish.

Top 3 - most popular everyday dishes in Denmark

1. Rye bread is the most popular dish for dinner. It can be both rye bread with cold meat or fish, but also rye bread with healthy dishes like meatballs (frikadeller), fish fillets or medists. Where rye bread has primarily been associated with lunch meals and festive meals such as Christmas and Easter, this indicates that the open faced sandwich (smørrebrød) also has a role as evening meal. This must be seen in the light of the fact that many Danes have canteens and there are many institutions with food arrangements, so that both children and adults eat a hot meal at the workplace or in the institution

2. The second most popular dish is pizza. This is a simple meal format with many variety options. At the same time, pizza is a dish that is available both at the restaurant, such as take away, ready-made and homemade version. Pizza is thus an option in many dinner situations.

3. The third most popular dish is soup. Soup has many variety options, like many of the soups require limited cooking time. Otherwise, meat dishes with short cooking time dominate like chops, schnitzels, different beef steaks and chunks of chicken. Also the meat balls (frikadeller) is in top ten. The pasta dishes are also Characterized by short cooking time.