Danish food

The history behind Danish quality food
and how it's made...

We have collected a number of product videos to show you how Danish food is produced and the story behind Danish products. Click on the videos to view some of the biggest Danish brands producing food of the highest quality.

Easyfood A/S

Easyfood produces innovative quality bargains for the convenience category. In our bakery we unite the industry's volume and efficiency with proud Danish craft traditions, quality and professionalism. Our two production lines are built to develop and manufacture baked goods for a constantly changing market, producing over 200 different products.

Our production setup is extremely flexible and can handle all types of pastries, bakeoff and convenience products. Therefore, we can quickly translate trends into the market into new, thought-through concepts that can update and complement our customers' range and strengthen their business.

Mette Munk A/S

Mette Munk take great pride in producing authentic Danish Pastry. Light, flaky and mouthwatering Danish Pastry that proves that we honor the traditional craftsmanship and pay respect to the proud Danish tradition. We combine the tradition with one of the world’s most advanced production plants and we select the very best ingredients from all over the world to ensure a superb taste experience every time.

Sound experience and innovation is the foundation of Mette Munk’s activities and constant efforts are being made to market new Danish Pastries and to improve the beloved classics to meet our customers’ needs.