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Find new Danish conventional and organic food suppliers who can supply a wide range of tasty products for retail, industry and food service. Search for company names, product categories or specific words - choose between approxmately 200 Danish suppliers Read More

Meet Danish (organic) suppliers at PLMA and ANUGA 2021

At PLMA and ANUGA you can find both conventional and organic suppliers at the Danish pavillons. Come by if you are looking for high-quality products. 

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Highest organic share in the world

Denmark has world's highest organic share and the most developed organic market, with a wide range of organic products. Therefore, we have gathered approxmately 200 Danish suppliers in our Food Database!  

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World´s most awarded classic gin expands into full range

After københavn klasssk gin has won awards in every single competition it has entered, now it is time to create a gin range based on the same mindset: bring out the best the Nordics have to offer! Same craftsmanship, same local botanicals and outstanding purity and quality. They all offer the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin brings its unique distinction – no matter if you are into the most potent version of a navy strength gin or if you prefer cocktails, neat over ice, or just a perfect balanced GT – the københavn gin range is the perfect choice!

Økologiske Grillpølser med kød & grøntsager 

Sommeren er heldigvis ikke slut endnu, og der er stadig tid til grillen

Summer in The Nordic

With Sommer i Norden, the author Jesper Schmidt has invented a new classic and very iconic Gin drink. København Klassisk Gin has one of the world's highest content of junipers, so there is very much focus on the original gin taste. København Klassisk Gin is made in close collaboration with leading sommelier, master distillers and bartenders, to bring out just the right taste of classic gin. With rhubarb tonic and red grape syrup which gives a fresh and slightly sour experience. Enjoy. RECIPE 5 cl København Klassisk Gin 1 cl Pink Grape Sirup 15cl Rhubarb Tonic Ice, red grapefruit, and mint. Instruction: Gin and syrup in the glass. Stir until mixed. Add Ice and add gently tonic. Decorate with the thin peel of red grade and mint leaf.

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