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Find new Danish conventional and organic food suppliers who can supply a wide range of tasty products for retail, industry and food service. Search for company names, product categories or specific words - choose between approxmately 200 Danish suppliers Read More

Meet Danish (organic) suppliers at PLMA and ANUGA 2021

At PLMA and ANUGA you can find both conventional and organic suppliers at the Danish pavillons. Come by if you are looking for high-quality products. 

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Highest organic share in the world

Denmark has world's highest organic share and the most developed organic market, with a wide range of organic products. Therefore, we have gathered approxmately 200 Danish suppliers in our Food Database!  

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Why a new name and why this name? BITE DRINK, is first and foremost, a company that innovates on flavours and ingredients in organic beverages for HoReCa, but not only in syrups.  Secondly all of our products have been and are developed in partnerships with you, our customers, and are often based on food ingredients as well as beverage ingredients.

københavn klassisk lounge Gin - Wins World Spirit Award 2022Skriv en overskrift

The worldwide benchmark for spirits has awarded the københavn klassisk lounge gold in the most prestigious gin category: London Dry Gin. At the WSA 2020 the original københavn klassisk also won gold. And with a total of 16 international awards including 6 times global gold – it is the most awarded classic Nordic gin in the world. københavn klassisk lounge is based on the same small batch gin and it’s a modern variation of the classic theme. The freshness is evident in this gin variant and comes from the addition of rosehips. The texture is velvety with fresh taste notes from the unique blend of spruce and rose hips. A taste that one of the best qualified juries in the world chose to give gold from a base of samples from 120 distilleries.

NEW: Fried herring with delicious new filling

Tenax Sild is introducing two new delicious and tasty varieties of fried herring with fillings - one with Funen smoked cheese and one with coarse-ground fish mustard.

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