PLMA Amsterdam

23.-24. May 2023

PLMA Amsterdam is the world's largest private label fair where the Private Label Manufacturing Association is responsible for arranging the fair. PLMA Amsterdam is held every year in the month of May in Amsterdam, and in addition, PLMA also holds two other private label fairs in Chicago in November and Shanghai in December. 

The project is carried out in collaboration with The Trade Council. 

We can also offer a special ORGANIC PAVILLION for those companies that only exhibit organic products. This project is being implemented with a subsidy from Fonden for Økologisk Landbrug. 

Danish pavillion at PLMA 2023
In 2023, Food from Denmark will arrange a large Danish common pavillion, which has one of the fair's most attractive locations. You will be able to find us in Europa Hall. During the fair, a large Danish networking evening will be held, which is open for exhibitors and other interested parties. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of exhibiting at the fair in 2023, or if you want to receive a project presentation on this. 

Common evening
Food from Denmark has a tradition of holding a network evening in connection with PLMA. The evening goes with good food, sparring and networking etc. our exhibitors as well as guests with an interest in food exports. More info about this will follow when we have news.

General information about the PLMA fairs
Food from Denmark has collaborated with the PLMA fair since 2005 and at our Danish pavillion exhibits between 40-50 companies. When you exhibit together as a group of producers via the Danish pavillion, you have more impact than if you exhibit as an individual company.

The PLMA fairs have become international fairs, visited by a very strong international audience. The fairs have gained a good reputation among the buyers because it is possible to visit many of its existing suppliers in a short time and in addition see what new potential suppliers are on the market. As a producer, you send a clear signal by exhibiting - you are an active player in the market.

To exhibit at one of the PLMA fairs, you are required to be a member of the PLMA organization. Membership costs 1500 euros per year. You get i.a. access to "Buyers list" and AC Nielsen statistical data on private label. A final condition for being able to participate in the PLMA fairs is that you are a producer, which means that you produce / process the products you exhibit yourself.

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