Danish Food Network 

The Danish Food Network (DFN) is an experienced group consisting of Danish non-competing food companies. A number of meetings are held during the year, the purpose of which is to exchange knowledge and experiences across the group. Different export topics are selected, which are discussed during each meeting. The members also contribute with cases, and the starting point is also taken in specific challenges a company has, for example with a specific export market. The members themselves help to set the agenda.

Various guest speakers also contribute with presentations.

If you are interested in hearing more about the network group, you are welcome to contact Food from Denmark, which is the network group's coordinator.

Current members:

Customer testimonials

Orkla Foods Danmark A/S

“Orkla Foods Denmark has participated in several projects arranged and coordinated by Food from Denmark A / S. Participation in these activities has been very rewarding, and we have been able to establish a significant additional turnover related to these activities.

We are also a member of a strategic export network, where Food From Denmark acts as coordinator. New relationships have emerged in this network and we collaborate via the network with other Danish producers in selected export markets. Access to knowledge and the opportunity for exchange of experience is today an important competitive parameter that we use in our international sales strategy. Having an external sparring partner who knows about issues when selling food has given Orkla Foods Denmark a clear competitive advantage”.

Export Manager at Orkla Foods Denmark: Lars Seeberg