7. - 11. October 2023

About the ANUGA fair
ANUGA is the world's largest food fair for retail, food service and catering, and is held every other year in Cologne. The fair consists of ten specialized fairs, gathered under one roof with almost 7000 exhibitors from all over the world. Food from Denmark coordinates participation for a large number of Danish food companies.

ANUGA attracts great international attention and is an obvious opportunity to meet potential customers from all over the world. The fair is basically divided into categories: Anuga Fine Food; Anuga Drinks; Anuga Meat; Anuga Frozen Food; Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food; Anuga Dairy; Anuga Bread & Bakery, Hot Beverages; Anuga Organic; Anuga Retail Tec; Anuga Food Service.

Food from Denmark has for several years arranged a common Danish pavilion at the fair, and you are welcome to contact Food from Denmark if you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of exhibiting at the fair, and if you want to receive a project presentation.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Danish Export Council, which provides subsidy for the project.

Do you want to know more?
If you are interested in hearing more about the project, you are very welcome to contact us at: kan@foodfromdenmark.dk.

Export Manager, Poul Jensen, says the following about the collaboration with Food from Denmark:
"We participated in an export promotion at the world's largest trade fair - ANUGA. The promotion was arranged by Food from Denmark. We exhibited at a pavillion together with 10 other Danish producers - it was an open concept with a common chef and common meeting facilities. There was good synergy between the participants and we got, among other things. referred a potential customer from another participant, which two weeks after the fair resulted in an order for 11 pallets. In total, we got over 100 contacts, where we expect some to become future customers, so we are very positive about the pavillion concept and are happy to participate in other promotions arranged by Food from Denmark."

ANUGA 2021 hall allocation: HERE
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ANUGA 2021 brochure containing Danish organic Food producers: HERE


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