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About WiSH by SEiMEi
We want to heighten the standard for what the Danish consumer can get in the supermarkets. We believe that food should be pure and good, and that the body can recognize what we consume.

Our ingredients we like to find locally and nationally, because, for us it makes sense to support the Danish farmers and fruit growers, and at the same time it doesn’t harm the environment unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to get organic Danish apples all year round, and because apples are the base of most of our juices, it affects If we are organic or not. But instead of dropping ecology altogether or import organic apples, we have chosen to follow the Danish nature, and therefore we are organic when nature lets us.  

100% natural content
We are convinced, that good and natural ingredients is the best thing for consumers and for our health and wellbeing. Because of this, we only use the nature’s own, and if possible in the season, organic products.

We are committed to continuously developing new and improved business and production methods.

Food with honest consideration
Our products are of high quality, which also comes to show in the powerful and natural taste. But not only our products are of high quality, so is our philosophy.

We strive to be an acknowledged company, which has a role in the society. Our products are created with respect for nature and the environment.

We use all of the ingredients. The pulp from the juice production we bake and dry into a whole grain snack. In this way, we contribute to reduce food waste in the Danish food industry. 

Sustainability is important for us
– Think global, act local –  

We create growth and increased value for all involved parties. By having a CO2 neutral production, we take a responsibility towards the society’s climate challenges. And since we almost exclusively use Danish ingredients, the environment is spared for unnecessary transport.

Latest news

New bottle format!

New 170 ml. bottle size aim to reduce food waste and fight obesity.

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