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About Vilsund Blue

When you buy a product from Vilsund Blue A/S, you as a consumer can be sure that you are faced with a product that meets the highest demands in food safety, traceability of the raw material and that fishing is carried out under the control of population, environment and sustainability in general.

Our delicious mussel-products

  • Blue Mussel Meat - IQF
  • Cockle Meat - IQF
  • Mussels in cans
  • Blue mussels in 350 g. jars
  • Blue mussels in 200 g. jars


Vilsund Blue A/S was the first mussel fishery in the world certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Counsel ) MSC 's certification program for fisheries and eco-labeling of fish and shellfish recognize and reward sustainable fishing.  Since our first MSC certification of Limfjords mussels, we have achieved MSC certification of farmed mussels in the Limfjord, Mussel on the Danish east coast and oysters from the Limfjord.

Vilsund Blue A/S is under constant control of the Danish food authorities. In addition, Vilsund Blue A / S certified by: BRC (British Retail Consortium) IFS (International Featured Standards ).


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