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About Vesterhavsmost 

Vesterhavsmost® Is owned by Laubjergs Planteskole who produces Vesterhavsfrugt® close to Vesterhavet (North Sea). The cold nights gives the fruit a long ripening period, and a lot of light from the North Sea, gives the special flavor.

Our delicious products 

The production has 14 different variants, made with pure single apple varieties.
Each of them have their own unique taste.

Apple juice products

  • Bellida
  • Cox Holstein: Medium sour with strong taste 
  • Discovery: Sweet mild taste with a pleseant scent
  • Elstar: Sweet and mild
  • Filippa: Very sour and aromatic
  • Pirouette Rubinstep: Sweet apple taste a pleseant scent
  • Rød aroma: Fresh aromatic taste with a pleseant scent  
  • Rød Gråsten: Sweet and mild apple taste
  • Rød Ingrid Marie: Fresh and sour
  • Sunrise: Extra sweet
  • Santana: Like a good white wine, without alcohol (apple allergy friendly)
  • Topaz
  • Zari
  • Ahrista

Production runs in autumn, and uses only handpicked apples from the 6ha big fruit plantation. The juice is pasteurized in a modern tube heat exchanger pasteurizing system, which keeps the flavor in top. Then the juice is filled in 0.75L bottles.

The quality of the apples is so good, that the rest product from the juice production, is dried to apple granulate, so there is no food waste, everything is used.


Vesterhavsfrugt® is GLOBAL GAP certified. 

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