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Twisted Leaf is the first company in the world to produce delicious, natural, and re- freshing beverages on coffee leaves, a natural waste product that is typically burned. That is such a pity as the leaves are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and natural caffeine. When dried, processed, and infused correctly the leaves provide a delicate floral, naturally sweet and dry refreshing drink. The ideal base for incredible refreshing, delicious, all-natural and sustainable beverages. The perfect beverage choice for people that appreciate and welcome sustainable products that is good for your well-being and life’s joyful occasions.

 Twisted Leaf comes in four tasty and refreshing variants: Two with alcohol and two without. All beverages are sparkling, naturally dry from the infusion of coffee leaves and only added organic fresh ingredients providing great moments on every occasion.The natural dry body from the coffee leaf also makes it a superb complement and suitable to your favorite meal.


We believe that everything in nature holds value especially coffee leaves and when you purchase a Twisted Leaf you support smallholder coffee farmers and their fami- lies in Kenya.By upcycling a natural waste product that is traditionally burned, we create a new crop and a much-needed revenue stream for smallholder farmers and their families and thereby creating tremendous impact.

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