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About Tiny Gardens

Tiny Gardens produce and sell small window gardens for indoor growing of microgreens. The grow-yourself-gardens consist of a grow box, a hemp pad and a bag of organic seeds. All you need to add is water.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share the possibility and joy of cultivating and eating self-produced organic food. We would like to inspire to a healthy and green lifestyle for all – no matter where you live. We want to contribute to a more inclusive labour market by creating a workplace where there is room for diversity.

Sustainability to all

With the mega-trends: urbanisation, agriculture innovation and ethical consumption we combine it all in a small box and work to get plants, people and ideas to grow. We work with green thinking and environmental care in all our processes. We provide easy and healthy urban gardening solutions for both people and businesses. We create added value for individuals and businesses - One sprout at a time!

How to grow Tiny Gardens

You have to grow your own food, but it is so easy. Follow these 3 steps and you will be ready to harvest fresh microgreens in just a week:

1. Soak the hemp pad
2. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the hemp pad
3. Care for your garden on a daily basis and keep the hemp pad moist at all times.

How to use Tiny Gardens?

Tiny Gardens is not a traditional food item, but it gives people a new and successful experience with growing their own food right inside the home. Eating local, organic and home-grown food, has become not only a trend but also a necessity in some areas of the world. But a lot of people however, find it difficult or confusing to get started. Tiny Gardens has made it easy and simple, so let everybody grow!
Choose between our waterproof Tiny Gardens cardboard boxes or our luxury edition in silicone, ROOT.

White Labelling

We offer the possibility of white labelling of Tiny Gardens cardboard boxes.
Customized Tiny Gardens can also be used as an innovative gift to pass on your green message.

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