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Them AndelsmejerI - COOPERATIVE DAIRY SINCE 1888

About Them Andelsmejeri

Them Andelsmejeri was founded in 1888 as a cooperative dairy in the beautiful highlands in the middle of Denmark and is today owned by 13 local farmers, including 6 organic farms. With more of 130 years of experience we are specialists in artisanal cheese made from cow’s milk and we believe in the value of good traditional cheesemaking.

Our products

Our cheese assortment ranges from the typical Danish semi-hard cheese, special hard cheeses, to distinctive special premium types, from mild to extra-long matured. Our own cheese cultures ensure the unique, delicious taste and high quality.

Animal welfare - ecology - sustainability

Good cheese comes from good milk from animals that thrive. Animal welfare is a key issue for us. The milk we use for our cheese comes from our own farms, that are located in 25km around the dairy. 

Our 6 organic farmers take pride in living up to all ecological requirements and controls. 

We work continuously to keep the ecological footprint, that our production leaves behind, as low as possible. Our production uses electricity from wind power, reduces packaging material and try to decrease the number of transports.

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