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The company Castus Konsum ApS was established in Denmark in 1952 by Henri Schmidt, and later the management of the company was taken over by his son Hans Schmidt. For many years the company was driven as a family owned company from the premises in Copenhagen.

In August 1993 the company was bought by CPC Foods A/S and in 1995 the production was moved to the production plant in Vadum close to Aalborg in Northern Jutland. In 2000 Castus was bought by Unilever and in 2003 the company Castus A/S was bought by its current owner HWO Holding A/S. It is no coincidence that the name Castus is chosen. The name Castus is Indian and it means “The Good – everything that's good for you”, - referring to the healthiness of the products.

Our aim Expand the volume and value in the category of Healthy fruit snack products. Provide healthy and convenient alternatives for consumers

Quality Castus A/S will as producer of fruit snack products take into consideration both security, quality and healt value of the products through all the process . Beyond this Castus protects the environment and the employee's working environment in all parts of the production process.

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