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About Tenax Sild
The company was founded in 1987 by Jørgen Pedersen. He had several years of experience and knew the fishing industry very well. Jørgen Pedersen formed Tenax Sild A/S with the specific ambition to create better products than those offered in the existing market. The quality had to be uncompromising.

The start was difficult due to fierce competition. But the ongoing persistence in keeping the high quality meant that the market noticed Tenax Sild. And today it is the herrings from Tenax Sild that are in great demand by customers both in Denmark and in the export markets.

Our products
Our most famous brands are Lykkeberg 1899, Fiskemandens and Tenax Sild. 

The basis was - and still is - the fat herring from the clear waters between Iceland and Norway. The herring was also to be processed by hand by professionals who were experienced enough to know precisely how to cut the fillets so that both appearance and taste was optimal. And so it remains.

Tenax Sild is a true family company. The son, Michael Pedersen, has taken over the family business. Several family members are also employed in the company and it also means that the other employees are considered a part of the family. It provides a common commitment and pride in working for a company where quality is never compromised.

In January 2015 Tenax Sild A/S acquired Denmark's oldest producer of herring - Lykkeberg A/S.
In May 2018 Tenax Sild A/S merged with Launis A/S making Tenax Sild A/S the owner of all acitivities regarding herring, fishcakes, caviar as well as fish- and cod roe terrines.


Latest news

NEW: Fried herring with delicious new filling

Tenax Sild is introducing two new delicious and tasty varieties of fried herring with fillings - one with Funen smoked cheese and one with coarse-ground fish mustard.

The Christmas-herring; Hjertesilden

Some of the best moments happen around a well-set (Christmas)table. Be sure to set it with our popular and tasteful Christmas-herring, Hjertesilden.

Herring with Strawberries & Champagne

When you combine sweet red strawberries with a dash of bubbly Champagne and delicious herringfillets, you achieve the taste of summer!

Easter-herring with spring onion and chili

Easter has arrived and what better way to celebrate it than with an Easter-herring marinated with spring onion and chili – a seasonal herring from the Lykkeberg 1899 family.


Tenax Sild introduces an old favorite to the Lykkeberg 1899 family; the famous Christiansø-herring. The herring achieve its characteristic flavour and aroma from original recipes which originate from the great Danish island, Bornholm.

Christmas-herrings with unique flavours

Tenax Sild has launched two Christmas-herrings in the Lykkeberg 1899 family. Each Christmas-herring is known by their unique flavour - one with rum and blueberries and one with walnuts.

Herrings in organic marinade

Tenax Sild launches a new product in the Lykkeberg 1899 family. Herrings in organic marinade.

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