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System Frugt A/S is among the most dynamic and creative enterprises in Scandinavia in the dry fruit and healthy snack industry. The market and trend for these products is very favorable and in growth which provides a favorable profit margin for the supermarkets.

System Frugt A/S was established in 1990 and started working with the dry fruit and healthy snack categories since 2000. Nevertheless, System Frugt A/S has gained a significant market share on the Danish market and we are today supplying all the major supermarket chains. We have since 2002 been working with major supermarket chains in Europe as a well-established private label partner and our export activities are increasing year by year.

We have our own marketing department, which can develop complete exposure solutions to our customers - that range from store fixtures, displays to banners, etc.

We have a reputation as:

  • A creative and innovative cooperation partner
  • Supplying a wide and inspiring assortment of high quality products
  • Flexible, reliable and loyal
  • Focusing on value adding sales solutions for our customers
  • Always aware of future trends – one step ahead of our competitors

Danish producer in Turkey
In 2002, we established our own company, System Multifood Ltd., in Izmir, Turkey in order to secure reliable deliveries of high quality products to our customers. System Multifood is a modern BRC, Grade A, approved factory, processing dried figs, dried apricots, sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, dried dates, prunes, dried tropical fruits etc. We dry sun-dried tomatoes ourselves and we control the whole drying process; from the plantation in the field till the drying is completed. Finally, the tomatoes are washed, selected and packed into consumer units.

Success criteria
Our customers know System Frugt A/S as a committed and dynamic cooperation partner. It is our main objective to support our customers at all times with creativity, flexibility and value adding activities in order to gain value in the market to the advantage of our customers.

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