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Natural ingredients make a world of difference and inspire to new taste experiences

We want to inspire to a more natural living – enjoy naturally

System Frugt A/S is located in Aarhus, Denmark. We are a leading supplier of both branded and private label solutions and strong consumer concepts within the Dried Fruits & Nuts category across the Nordic countries. 

Our mission is constantly to create and add value to our customers as well as consumers by inspiring to natural choices matching modern consumer demands and lifestyle. This is mainly driven with our main brand Earth Control which is a well-known brand in Scandinavia. This is due to our strong exposure in-stores and in relevant medias out-of-store targeted the modern female consumer.

Proud history
The Company was established in 1991 as a supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables to Danish retailers - therefore the name "Fresh Fruits in System" which translates to System Frugt in Danish.

In 2002 we expanded our product focus also to include Dried Fruits, Berries, Nuts & kernels - and since then, our Dried Fruits & Nuts has been our key business and passion.

You can count on us

Today we are specialized in sourcing natural food from all over the World. Sourcing globally demands that we constantly guide and encourage our suppliers to become more responsible. We are member of the UN Global Compact that sets standard for worldwide CSR and we are also a part of the BSCI Code of Conduct where we are committed to the principles covering CSR for people, environment & Ethical business.

Let’s go green - together!

Within the last couple of years we have been busy creating many innovative product concepts relevant to the modern female consumer. We are with our Earth Control “concept” placed in the Fruit & Vegetable Departments where we add significantly value to the store by having complimentary products like topping for salad and breakfast and a broad range of healthier snacks.

We are also a supplier of natural “Snack Dates” coated in popular spices like for example licorice. This concept has been rolled out in more than 2.500 stores across Europe and went directly into our Top 5 product ranking.

Our latest innovation is “Green Cooking” which is vegan alternatives to rice, pasta and meat. All easy to prepare as we have spiced the products already and they have a maximum of 20 minutes preparation time. All these products have a significant amount of protein and fiber to ensure a healthy living.

We hope this will inspire you all to enjoy - naturally

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