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BUGS'N SHOT w. 1% cricket - More tasty energy in life!

About Syngja

Syngja is the mindful alternative. We brew organic functional shots - enriched with 1% nutritious, tasty crickets!

Crickets are rich in Vitamin B12, which essentially activates protein & fuels your energy levels. Our all-natural products will supplement your daily need for Vitamin B12 & kickstart your metabolism.
Oh yeah... they taste amazing too!

BUGS'N SHOT - 1% cricket

Our Bugs'N Shots (60mL) come in 3 flavors.
Each shot contain the equivalent of 6 whole crickets - but you wouldn't know if we didn't tell you!

  1. Apple & Ginger 
    Sweet, fresh & fiery - like a proper, classic ginger shot! The crickets' taste of umami softens up the afterburn.

  2. Beetroot & Buckthorn (w. chili)
    Sweet, sour & spicy! Endulge in an exciting combination of cricket umami & sparkly flowery notes.

  3. Spinach & Carrot (w. chili)
    Rich & peppery. The abundance of cricket umami combines with the wild greens. Enjoy nature's very best for a nourishing feel.

100% natural and organic.
No added sugars or preservatives.
10% RDI of natural Vitamin B12 per 100mL
12 months shelf life - bottled in pharmaceutical glass to preserve micronutrients.

Our crickets are grinded into an extremely fine powder, then gently infused into the beverage. Their unique, rich umami impressions perfectly balance the sweetness & acidity of the fresh greens. Needless to say, we only use organic fruits & veggies of the highest quality.

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Boost your health. Promote vitality. Challenge the norms.

(In nature, crickets rub their wings together to make song. Synjga [ˈSØŊ:JA] is Old Norse and simply means 'to sing')




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