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STATE® is the new balanced energy drink for everybody, who wants a unique combination of high energy level, increased focus and a stable blood sugar level. Made from the best available ingredients – composed for you – for enjoyment and unique performances.

In addition to caffeine STATE contains taurine, 300 mg of green tea extract and B-vitamins (B6 & B12), which helps to reduce fatigue. STATE also contains Palatinose / Isomaltulose (3 %), which ensures a more stable blood sugar than regular sugary drinks.

Produced in Denmark. No artificial flavors.

Created by experts and top-performers

In the fall of 2012 Jon Andersen, a former semi-professional football player, had the idea of creating new and innovative functional beverages that help both body and mind during performances.

Jon gathered a team of world class experts, elite athletes and top-performers. This team had a unique knowledge about performance enhancement and a great amount of experiences – both positive and negative – with energy and sports drinks in extremely performance-related industries.

The goal was obvious: To create the perfect performance drink that provides fast, balanced and prolonged energy. A drink helping people perform and feeling better in all occasions, from work to sports. 3 years later STATE was finally ready.

Today the members of the STATE team include Danish footballer and Premier League star Christian Eriksen, professor and former assistant coach in Juventus FC and the Danish national football team Jens Bangsbo, several athletes, top-performers and of course the two founders and friends Jon Andersen and Kim Have.

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