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Sonlac A/S is a trading company centered around cheese, butter, and dairy products for industrial processing both internationally and nationally, focusing on the European market.

The firm was founded in 1987 by Sonja Kjærsgaard Nielsen. Together with her husband Peter, they created the foundation for what Sonlac has created to this day. Our name is put together by the first three letters in our founder’s name and the Latin word lac, which means milk.

In 1995 the company moved to the current location by Middelfart´s habour where we continuously week to deliver vendors, other business connections and the best service in the work of creating and placing dairy-products to further processing.

In the beginning of 2009 Lars Terkelsen took over the business. He has many years of experience, resulting in a broad knowledge of the industry and experience in trading. Together with the remaining engaged and loyal employees, Sonlac is driven in the same spirit.

Through a big network of partners nationally as well as internationally, we strive to find flexible and competitive solutions to our customers and vendors.

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