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About Snack Group

The company was established in 2012 by Doc Alslev Christensen, with the aim of producing healthy snacks and other organic foods for the private consumer. In 2014 Snack Group took over a former large factory, to be able to produce the best healthy products in the most efficient way. 

Our product range 

Snack Group produces several products, where the main focus is natural and healthy products, with no additives.

We offer:

  • Organic root chips: Our organic root chips is 100% organic and comes in five variants: beetroot, parsnips, potatoes, artichoke and carrots - see the above picture. 

  • Pure Danish water: The water is drained in the woods of Northern Jutland. The water quality is very high, due to the fact that agriculture has not been farmed here. For hundreds of years, the drain has been covered by forests and the groundwater has remained untouched. 

  • Gluten-free flour mix: The gluten-free flour comes in three variants; wheat flour, corn-flour and wheat flour with a high fiber content.  

We are looking forward, to hearing from you! 

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