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Smagisk is your preffered partner when it comes to DANISH produced water with logo made from 100% reusable plastic. We have collected a delicious selection of DANISH organic products with a flavour and smell, which we remember from our grandmothers kitchen garden. 

We have recently introduced a new, powerful element, which combines the best from different breeders. It is called MORMORS – above from being the cherry on the top on a nice table it adds an extra flavour dimension. They come in three different flavours, all produced in Denmark with organic raw material:

The elderflower is a popular bestseller due to its pleasant flavour of sun and summer. It is perfect by itself on a hot summer day or together with a light lunch, brunch, desserts and in drinks.

A klima+ product, appealing to the new Nordic kitchen. It is, among other ingredients, made from winerhubarb, which gives a fresh, sour-sweet taste. It goes well with a light lunch, fish, and dessert.

The blackcurrant are farmed by organic and biodynamic principles. The berry has a characteristic flavour that originates from hundreds of natural aromas. It goes well with meat, cheese, desserts, sorbet and drinks.

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