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Skare Food offers a Wide selection of high-quality cold cuts 

About Skare Food 

Skare Food A/S is part of the Skare Group. Skare Food A/S was founded in 2001, where it took over Bunkenborg in Christiansfeld. The company is a modern food processing business. High-quality salamis, sausages and charcuterie products are produced by combining good raw materials, high hygiene standards and gentle preparation with a modern, high technology, production system. The company counts approx. 120 employees and prepares approx. 3,500 tonnes of salamis, sausages and charcuterie products a Year.

Our delicious meat-products

At Skare Food you will find Danish produced high quality products and the assortment is a wide range of traditional sausages and charcuterie products, both as whole pieces and cuts. We are producing from either conventional or organic meat breeding and in our range you will among others find:

  • Starters
  • Charcuterie products
  • Salami and sausages
  • Toppings
  • Convenience products
  • Various organic products

One of Skare Foods widely distributed products is Skare Carpaccio, produced from handpicked whole muscle beef topsides, slowly matured and Carpaccio-sliced. It’s a very tender and rich in taste starters for 2 people which includes grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Extra Virgin Olive oil.


We are offering our products in many types of packages to Retail and for professional use in Foodservice or Bulk packages specifically designed for Deli or B2B

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Latest news

BIO/Organic Charcuterie from Christiansfeld 

Delicious new BIO/Organic Chacuteri from Christiansfeld - Bio Brand by Skare FOOD

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