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About Scandic Pelagic A/S
Scandic Pelagic A/S is one of the world’s leading pelagic companies specializing in herring products customized to customer needs. We have several modern processing plants in Denmark and Sweden where we for human consumption handle a total of 130.000 tons, and 30.000 tons of Herring and Sprat for feed a year. Scandic Pelagic A/S rest on more than three quarters of a century of experience in the processing of herring.
As the fishing vessels do their catches close to our facilities, each load of herring arrives fresh from the sea.

Our high-quality herring products: Fresh, frozen, marinated, salted and spiced
Such as:

- Marinated, salted, or spiced herring filets
- Marinated, salted, or spiced herring pieces
- Marinated, salted, or spiced herring flaps / butterfly
- Matjes
- Whole round herring
- Fresh or frozen herring pieces
- Fresh or frozen herring fillets
- Fresh or frozen herring flaps / butterfly
- Frozen or salted herring roe

General information:
The herring comes in different packaging, with different recipe’s and can be shipped to all over the world.
Naturally, our facilities hold the required certifications, ensuring optimum product quality as well as the highest hygiene and safety standards through the entire process.


Location Denmark:

Scandic Pelagic A/S
Havnevagtvej 5, DK-9990 Skagen,
Industrivej Nord 6, DK-9990 Ålbæk
Tel: +45 98 45 40 00
CVR Nr.: DK-29397481

Location Sweden:

Scandic Pelagic Ellös
Hallgrens väg 1A, SE-474 31 Ellös
Tel: +46 30 4548 70
CVR Nr.: SE 556424683201

Scandic Pelagic Västervik:
Båtvägen 6, SE-593 50 Västervik
Tel: +46 49 0822 90
CVR Nr.: SE 556560875801

Scandic Pelagic Gotland:
Ronehamnsvägen, SE-623 47 Hemse
Tel: +46 49 0822 90
CVR Nr.: SE 556648317701

MP Produkter AB, Mollösund:
Hamnvägen 3, SE-474 70, Mollösund
Tel: +46 30 4345 60
CVR Nr.: SE 559089232801

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