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For more than 40 years the Hyllestad family have been importing and selling sweets and chocolate to Danish customers. But even though Scan Choco is over 40 years old, the company still has its finger on the pulse. The range of products is constantly being expanded to ensure a completrly up-to-date selection for both children and adults. Jens-JacobHyllestad set up Scan Choco A/S in 1972, and over the years it has grown steadily in line with the objectives set by the Hyllested family.

Today, we are delightetd to be one of Denmark's largest privatly-owned companies with chocolate and confectionery sector. Scan Choco is an ultra-modern workplace with a team of 20 employees at its registered office in Hinnerup, which also houses two warehouse builidings with room for 5000 pallets. The 11-strong sales team covers the whole of Denmark. Scan Choco is an extremly well-condolidated company known for its good customer service and great flexibility.

Our new range of coated liquorice has been producedin Iceland by Sambo, using only the finest ingredients. The Icelanders have been producing delicious chocolate-coated liquorice for over 30 years and were undoubtedly the first to produce these fantastic products. We are continuing the tradition with these ultra-delicious Lakkris varieties

E. Metz chocolate coffee beans have been a favourite with Scandinavian chocolate lovers since the 80s. Shaped liked a coffee bean and packaged in an attractive linen bag,
the delicious combination of chocolate and light coffee flavour make these chocolate coffee beans perfect for any occasion.

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