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Samsø Bær

The island and the berries - Samsø Bær is a true, local business that produces quality products made from our own raw ingredients grown on Samsø.

With our hands full of berries and bellies full of sunshine, the small business Samsø Bær creates delicious jam, coldpressed rapeseedoil, schnapps, and juice made from all the best from Samsø´s fields, trees and bushes. 

It is the flavour of Samsø summer - quite simple isn´t it?

ALmost 20 years ago, three berry farmers and a chef took matters into their own hands. All thorugh the winter they boiled, tasted and experimented with strawberries and blackcurrant and two delicious jams later, Samsø Bær was born. 

To this day, Samsø Bær is still a small family owned company whose biggest drive is the closeness and love for Samsø and its raw materials. 

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