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Rynkeby Foods is Denmark's leading producer of fruit juices and dilutable juices. Our product assortment also includes jam, wine, ice tea, and stewed fruit.

Since 1935, Rynkeby has been dedicated to satisfying consumers' desire for healthy, delicious juices and foods - free of artificial flavours and preservatives.

We attach great importance to using only the freshest, highest quality produce. Thorough quality tests ensure the same high standards throughout our entire production process - from the moment the fruits and berries are picked until the cartons and bottles leave our assembly line.

Rynkeby Foods employs 220 people at the factory in Denmark. 90% of our products are sold in Denmark. Our major export countries are Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

Rynkeby Foods has grown steadily by buying and merging with other companies. Rynkeby Foods is 100% owned by the dairy concern Arla Foods. Since March 2002, Rynkeby Foods has partnered with the Swedish juice manufacturer JO Bolaget, and together the two companies are now the leading producers of fruit juice in all of Scandinavia.

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