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About Royal Farm 

Royal Farm’s vision is to build on the proud Danish agricultural traditions and continue to provide the healthiest, freshest and most delicious milk products. For children, adults and the elderly. And across borders and cultures. Simply because we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy, happy life.

Royal Farm products are produced according to the highest quality standards, since we strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to eat and drink quality products. Though we build our company on the traditions of Danish farming we constantly strive to innovate by applying latest nutritional knowledge with our advanced production facilities.


Our organic milk powders are produced using only the freshest milk from Danish cows. This means that the milk comes from free ranging cows that are on pasture for at least 200 days a year, and that the cows’ feed is 100% organic and GMO-free.

  • Whole milk powder
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Organic whole milk powder
  • Organic skimmed milk powder
  • Organic Protein powder diet
  • Organic protein powder senior 
  • Organic baby formula
All of our milk powder products comes in following sizes: 800 g./ 900 g. / 650 g. can or 25 g. sachet
Royal Farm meets all Danish and European requirements for organic production. This is why our products are labeled with both the Danish Ø-label and the green EU logo. These labels are your guarantee for organic quality.
Royal Farm milk powder is the closest you will get to a fresh glass of milk straight from the cow, free of additives of any kind.

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