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Organic products

organic and sustainable products: quality is our trademark

About RM Import

Since 1998 RM Import has supplied the Danish and Northern European markets with a range of unique quality products. Our uncompromising approach to the quality of our products and guarentee of delivery has made this our trademark. A trademark that we strive to maintain and which is the foundation of our business.

Snack categories
  • Dates
  • Dried Fruit
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Nuts/seeds

Fresh dates is our primary product. Dates is also the main ingredient in several of our healthy snacks. We have a delicious selection of dried fruit, including figs and apricots. The best qualities of the fruit are preserved and intensified. Our healthy snacks is a delicious alternative to the often unhealthy snack products. Made from natural ingredients. We have a wide selection of nuts and seeds. Everything from the crisp and salted to the natural and raw product.

Our delicious dates 

We are proud of our selection of dates. Fresh dates are our primary product and harvested from own plantations in Iran. A quality product that is well known and well-liked in the market and which is SMETA certified. In addition, we have Global GAP and organic dates. Dates are our specialty and we deliver only the best.

  • Fresh mazafati dates
  • Deglet nour dates 
  • Medjool dates 
  • Caramel dates 
Our fresh Mazafati dates from Iran are our primary product - our absolute bestseller. The Deglet Nour dates from Tunisia, with its golden-brown color and honey-like flavor. Our Medjool dates comes from Israel, South Africa and California. Big and full dates. The caramel dates from Iran. Small and rounded dates with caramel notes.


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