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Salmon trout caviar from the very best

About Reinholdt & Co. 

Reinholdt & Co is a danish company founded in 1954. Our company has its own salmon trout breeding and processing facility. We have full control of the production - from living conditions of the trout to the filling of the jars. In this way we manually secure quality through the entire process of the product.

Our fish-products

The harvesting of the caviar is carefully planned so we can guarantee delivery all year. We put an honor in delivering top quality products on time. Reinholdt & Co. has full control of the process from stripping the trouts for eggs to filling the jars, and our skilled staff secure quality manually throughout the process.

Reinholdt & Co. Salmon trout caviar has a shelf life of up to six months – in spite of the fact that we use no artificial preservatives. Our slow processing of the salmon trout caviar, a mix of salt ond sugar, and a very gentle pasteurizing gives the product its long durability.

The salmon trout caviar is sold in jars of varying size. The small jars have a shelf life of six months while the large jars have a durability of four months.

We can delivery in 3 different jar-sizes:

  • 50 G
  • 100 G
  • 500 G

On time delivery is part of the Reinholdt & Co. DNA, and we put an honor in bringing quality to our customers.


We handle the salmon trout caviar hygienically and with utmost care. When harvesting for salmon trout caviar the female fish is gently stripped and put back into its preferred living environment.

The processing of the salmon trout caviar take op to 24 hours, and before being preserved in jars our staff sorts the eggs by hand. This ensures that no eggs are damaged, the jar is free of fluids and the product keeps its crisp and taste.


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