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Who we are
Pure Shots is a company founded in Århus, Denmark. We produce and sell vodka based shots with different falvours. Created in 2015 by Anders Snede and Lasse Rishøj, we focus on bringing a better shot to the market. Something of higher quality that is made with the finest ingredients, and nothing else.
Since the start back in the summer of 2015, Pure Shots has grown constantly from selling a few bottles among friends here and there to being found on the bar shelves all over Denmark. As a result of the success, we have kept the momentum and expanded to The UK and plans are made for other markets surrounding Denmark.

What we do
At the moment we are producing two variants of the product: Liquorice and Passion. Pure Liquorice was the first shot that hit the market in 2015, raising the bar for the otherwise popular shots on the Danish market. Pure Liquorice uses quality liquorice powder and salmiaki salt to give taste of real Danish liquorice. Starting with the sweetness from the liquorice and followed by a saltiness to break the sweetness. Pure Liquorice is sold as 16,4% in Denmark and 24% in The UK.

In the start of 2017, as we expanded to The UK market, Pure Passion was released. As a flavor that is very familiar to the pallet, especially in the UK, Pure Passion goes great on its own as well as a buddy to a glass of prosecco or champagne. The main ingredients in Pure Passion are passion fruit, citrus and mango. Together they give an experience that kicks off with an acidic punch from the passion fruit and citrus, followed by a fruity mango taste rounding off the shot. Pure Passion is only sold as 16,4%, reason being that a higher ABV would overpower the fruitiness from the mango.

Using a pure grain spirit as the base in the product, we have a higher focus on bringing out the falvour from the actual ingredients making up the shot, since pure grain spirit is naturally flavourless, unlike what many believe.

We are very interested in exporting our product to the surrounding markets, with the mission to raise the bar for what consumers should expect from a shot.

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