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The craft of the Vikings is today used to give you the best and most natural salmon harvest that results in a delicious and smooth textured salmon you simply must taste!
The salmon from Olufsen og larsen is produced for your catering company or restaurant, that want to ensure a consistent quality with the best texture to your customers


Smoked Salmon
The apple and beech smoked salmon is heavily inspired by the Vikings method used 1000 years ago. Back then they smoked the salmon in the circumstances nature made available. The severe weather conditions doing the winter, forced the Vikings to develop a unique craft technique, which is today proved to give a delicious and diverse taste that differs significantly from traditional smoked salmon.

- Unique Taste

This unique Nordic process is today used to give you the best smoked salmon from Olufsen & Larsen. We provide you with high quality trough a unique apple and beech smoked salmon

- Sustainable Harvest 

The salmon from Olufsen&Larsen ensures a high quality of taste and texture that is sourced from a sustainable harves. 

- Acknowledgement & trusted quality

Great Taste, organized by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged and trusted benchmark for fine food and drink. The Applesmoked salmon from Olufsen & Larsen received an excellent 2-star award, only surpassed by two others at the Great taste award in August 2017.

”A generous loin of salmon. The bite is soft and there is a sweetness to the fish. A good gentle smoke.”
”A firm attractive royal fillet. A gentle subtle smoke with a good flavor and texture, hard to improve on.”

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