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The History of Officer

 Officer was founded in 1915, and has since then been focused on distributing high-quality canned seafood.

 Officer is the main distributor of canned cod liver from Iceland, and are shareholders in two factories based there.

 The activities based in Denmark were sold in 2019, and so Officer is now primarily focused on the canned seafood market

 The product range includes smoked and unsmoked cod liver, as well as a number of specialty types of canned cod liver (with lemon, espalette, and different salts etc.). We manufacture and sell soft cod roe, as well as canned cod liver pate, which contains a fine mixture of cod liver and cod roe.                                                                                                            All raw material used for our production is entirely based on local, fresh, and wild raw material.

 Officer distributes canned cod liver all around the world, and holds a very large segment of the private label market. 

Along with its canned seafood business, Officer is selling and marketing Original Mango Chutney, which is produced in India using our enduring local supplier relationships. The Mango Chutney is from the region of Mango, on the Bengal coast. Available flavours include sweet (original), hot, and extra hot, as well as other spice flavours. 

The sales office is located in Hoersholm, close to Copenhagen.

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