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The new way to spice up your food

We Love Herbs!
Therefore, we have made them into liquid, so you always have organic herbs with a fresh taste at hand. We chop our herbs gently and mix them with organic vinegar and sea salt. This is an old household trick that preserves the fresh taste of the herbs and ensures a looong shelf-life.

Be inspired - See our German Instagram with use cases

An innovation with consumer appeal
Proven in European retailers both hypermarket, discounters & speciality stores.
Convenient, organic, looong shelf life and great taste.
IFS certified production and on-time deliveries.

11 delicious, organic variants

  • Liquid Garlic
  • Liquid Ginger
  • Liquid Chili Hot
  • Liquid Chili Extremely Hot
  • Liquid Basil
  • Liquid Thyme
  • Liquid Rosemary
  • Liquid Oregano
  • Liquid Wild Garlic
  • Liquid Oregano
  • Liquid Tarragon

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