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The NORDEX FOOD GROUP is a privately owned Danish dairy company who produces and sells high-quality dairy products to the global market.

We specialise in the production of white cheese which is our main production at our 3 plants in Denmark, Austria, and Romania.

The NORDEX FOOD GROUP is an international company in the widest sense of the word as 97% of sales are exported. We have our own sales offices in the Middle East, Germany, the UK, Finland, Austria, and Romania, and we collaborate closely with a number of agents and importers. Moreover, NORDEX markets a selection of dairy products from business partners both in Denmark and abroad.

With revenue totalling to approx. DKK 650 million, sales of approx. 35,000 tonnes and a 200-strong workforce, NORDEX is today one of the biggest suppliers and producers of dairy products in Denmark.

Business areas
Today, NORDEX sells white cheeses to many parts of the world, but our primary focus areas are:

- The Balkans/SNG
- Overseas (Middle East, USA, Australia)
- Turkish-speaking consumers in Europe
- The European retail trade as well as the
catering and industrial sectors

The Balkans/SNG is one of the latest markets where we are represented, and one for which we have high expectations in the coming years. We have established a sales office in Sophia, Bulgaria and opened a dairy in Campulung, Romania, producing white cheese for the Balkans. The range for this area is being sold under the brand name AKADIA.

Since the start in 1984, the overseas markets, in particular the Middle East, have been interesting business areas for NORDEX. The product programme we offer ranges from white cheese in large 16kg tins to speciality products and small units for the retail trade. Our products are primarily sold under the DAIRYLAND name on the overseas markets.

Turkish-speaking consumers in Europe are yet another focus area. The product range for this segment distinguishes itself significantly from the cheeses for the Balkans and the Middle East, as it mainly consists of a number of white cheeses in 1kg tins which have a creamier texture. Products for ethnic consumers are sold under the brand name SÜTDIYARI.

In recent years, the demand for white cheese around Europe has increased significantly, and today we enjoy a prominent position with the large retail chains as well as in the catering and industrial sectors. We have recently introduced the brand TAVERNA (see more on to the retail sector, which embraces a number of white cheese specialities inspired by the southern climes. The range also includes a number of diced feta-like products, which we will market in future as “salad cheese”.

The dairies
NORDEX currently produces at three dairies – one in Denmark and two abroad:

- the biggest with an annual production of approx. 18,000 tonnes

- (Austria) – annual production of approx. 5,000 tonnes

- (Romania) expected to produce approx. 5,000 tonnes annually

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