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Natural and original organic soft drinks

Nørrebrew is a Copenhagen based beverage company dedicated to creating natural and original organic soft drinks. We aim to take on the synthetic and sugary products dominating the market today.

We create products for conscious consumers in the age between 18 and 40 and we believe in building unique brands in a combination with high quality products.

Our products

First to the Nørrebrew family was Maté Maté - a yerba maté ice tea, with just the right balance between bitter and sweet - and of course a high content og caffeine. Since it's launch in 2014 Maté Maté have been successful as an natural alternative to conventional energy drinks - both with and without alcohol.

Second to the Nørrebrew family is Maná - two variants of freshly brewed organic iced teas. Maná contains a maximum of only four ingredients and are always brewed on whole leaf tea - exactly as you would make tea at home. No processed sugar or other ridiculous ingredients are added!

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