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We CULTIVATE hemp for food
Moellerup is a historic Estate located in Mols Bjerge National Park in Denmark. Moellerup Estate is known for agriculture and forestry, hunting, various cultural events, and most of all: The cultivation of hemp plants.

The landlords Anne Sophie and Stig Gamborg started growing industrial hemp in 2015 with the intention of using it to develop Moellerup’s very first series of food products. The idea gave birth to the new company Moellerup Brands A/S, a company that develop, promote and sell the products for Moellerup Estate today. The overall focus is to sell quality products at a fair price for retail, white label and industrial use.

Moellerup Estate started out with only 30 hectares of hemp in 2015. Last year, more than 400
hectares was harvested on Danish fields.

Scandinavia’s largest hemp producer
Moellerup Brands work with hemp plants to produce food that offers the nutritious characteristics and delicious taste from hemp seeds. The result is a wide range of good quality products for everyday use as well as for special occasions. The series consists of products ranging from pure hemp products to processed food with hemp. Through hard work and determination, we have created a broad network of competent business partners.

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Hemp from Moellerup Brands, A tasty and nutritious ingredient for everyone
Food with hemp is known for it’s delicious taste and large amount of: fibres, omega fatty acids, proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Hemp is free from gluten and GMO. Both the organic and the conventional hemp is cultivated without the use of pesticides.

  • Roasted hempseed are whole hemp seeds that have been roasted. The roasting gives the seed a delicious crunch and a lightly smoked flavor.
  • Application: The seeds are ready for use directly from the bag. Use it as a healthy alternative to other seeds and grains. Use hemp seeds in bread, crispbread, muesli, breading, sprinkle it on your salad, soup, yogurt or blend it in your smoothies. The seeds can also be further roasted in honey or butter and salt.

  • Hulled hemp seeds is the hemp seed without its shell. The flavor is round, soft and nutty and it is comparable to sunflower seeds.
  • Application: Use the shelled hemp seeds the way you use nuts and grains. For example, as topping on ice cream, yogurt, porridge, soups or salads. The seeds can also be used in baking, for breading or in your smoothies. They are also very delicious in desserts.

  • Hemp oil from Moellerup Estate is cold-pressed in order to preserve as much nutrition as possible. Hemp oil is very similar to linseed oil. It has a soft, round and nutty flavor. The smoke point of the oil is at 165 degrees Celsius and it should not be used for frying.
  • Application: Use hemp oil in dressings, in smoothies, on ice cream, yogurt or in bread. Hemp oil can also be used as a supplement in your diet.

  • Hemp flour is a dark green coarse flour, completely free from gluten. It is made from pressed hemp seeds which have been drained from all oils. It has a delicious nutty flavor.
  • Application: Use 10-30% in your baking products for the best result. The flour is a delicious supplement in bread as it gives the bread a unique structure and flavor. The flour is also fantastic as breading or as a health booster in your smoothie, muesli or protein bar.

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Our complete assortment also covers a number og finished goods and beveraged such as müsli, spreads, crispbread, salami, beer, gin and vodka.


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