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Our pride is of course our own Modavi wines of the highest quality, which is the result of our extensive experience and efforts in the vineyards. Our wines can be purchased at specialty shops and from the vineyard Lindely near Kolding.

Our vines are primarily grown on south facing hilly terrain with relatively light soil at the vineyard Lindely and the vineyard Thuesensminde. The vines are maintained manually and the grapes are harvested gently by hand sorting in the vineyard. The vinification typically starts in taste neutral stainless steeltanks and are afterwards either matured on oak cask or in the bottle. 


  • Boblen: is an exclusive sparkling wine, produced of grapes harvested in October and produced according to the traditional French Champagne method. Fresh, fruity, elegant and sparkly. 
  • Lyset: is a fresh white wine with a lot of fruit in the nose and a fine balance between acidity and sweetness. Pleasant and lasting aftertaste with notes of delicious apples from the lovely Danish summer.
  • Solen: is a rich white wine with fruit and citrus in the nose and an exstremely fine aromatic balance. Very long and sublime aftertaste with a nice bite of acidity.
  • Rosén: is the lovely fragrance of elderflower and strawberry attacking your nose. The enjoyment of this rosé wine continues with a very fresh and pleasant eftertaste of the lovely Danish summer.
  • Trekanten: is an exciting red wine and is primarily produced by the Rondo grape, but also contains small quantities of nine other grape varieties. Light and fruity red wine with a smooth and pleasant aftertaste.
  • Spidsen: is an elegant wine with notes of vanilla and licorice followed by a soft and pleasant aftertaste. You can drink the wine now or keep it in your cellar for 2-4 years - if properly stored. 
  • Hjertet: is a powerful and elegant red wine with notes of dark berries, vanilla, licorice and pepper. You can drink the wine now, but this wine can advantageously be stored in your cellar for a few years.
  • Herren: Late harvested grapes immediately frozen one night and then gently pressed during the next day. Serve at twelve degrees together with cheese, various desserts - or when to spoil yourself.
  • Damen: late harvested grapes immediately frozen one night and then gently pressed during the next day. The process continued until the desired degree of sweetness is obtained.
  • Brænderen: is a Danish Grappa in best quality! Manufactured of marc from grapes, which has gone through a cold fermentation at thirteen degrees for two months.


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