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Ready to explore the great taste of something that is more than 250 million years old? Dig in and enjoy our handmade salt. Pure, natural and tasty.

Our wide range contains of more than 50 products based on the original clean salt. Smoked, spicy, aromatic and many more unique flavors. All packed in old fashion bags, beautiful glass jars, trendy cans and paperbags.

The Mariager Sydesalt products are made for retail, foodservice and comes in bulk for food production. It is raised just off the Danish underground, sewn to perfection and mixed with herbs of all kinds. Nordic, asian, italian and more.

We love the pure and natural experience of our salt and work hard to inspire the world with honest flavors. Our dream is to make it a natural element in all kitchens and out at the grills.

Crunchy crisp, natural and delicious - even if you only use a little.

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