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Bottles by Malund are the thoughtful gift idea, a transparent and timeless design bottle that tells a story from the Danish farms with fine layers of organic ingredients. With a simple baking guide, the contents of Bottles can be transformed into healthy delights and perhaps a whole new taste experience for the recipient!

When Bottles are empty, they become the kitchen’s latest reusable member, and the environment is spared for disposable packaging for a while.


Use Bottle as a decanter for water, wine and juice when the contents have been used. Alternatively, put the ready-made muesli back into the Bottle once it has been in the oven. Both the bottle and the lid can go in the dishwasher and become the kitchen’s new practical member. 

Organic ingredients 

Like most Danes, we are proud of our Danish farms and our hard-working farmers. Bottles are filled with ingredients of the highest organic quality from selected Danish farms. There are no simple solutions to get a good result for organic farming, and therefore, we have not chosen the simple solution when we fill Bottles. Each ingredient is carefully filled one at a time with respect for each ingredient. The best ingredients have nothing to hide, and therefore, Bottles are transparent and decorative with their various layers.

Recipes from Danish baker

Jørgen researches the bread and trends of the future. He has developed over 500 bread recipes for bakeries worldwide. For him, it’s all about the flavour.

Jørgens’ 3 most important baking tips:

1. The flour must contain at least 12% protein. It makes the bread lighter.

2. The dough should never exceed 28°C. If the water is too hot, it suffocates the yeast and you end up with an unpleasant flavour.

3. Fold the dough instead of kneading it after proving. It tightens the gluten in the dough and releases waste substances.

The milk bottle

Bottles are inspired by the milk bottles of the past, which now adorn modern kitchens in many reproductions. A memory of a bygone era, where you knew exactly where the ingredients, in this case, the milk, came from and where the bottle’s recycling was a natural part of everyday life.

With thoughts on the milk bottle, the idea for Bottles was formed during a cosy family dinner.

The sustainable cork lid of the future

Made of micro-agglomerate, Sughera is perfectly sterilised and contains no glue, making it the most environment-friendly and health-friendly cork lid. Produced from granulated cork in a natural binding process, Sughera is the first lid that does not contain glue, which means it’s 100% recyclable. In addition to being environment-friendly, Sughera is the most health-friendly and, of course, food grade lid that, unlike its competitors, does not release chemical polyurethane glue into the contents of the bottle. The Sughera lid can withstand up to +50°C and can go in the dishwasher and is today’s most sustainable cork lid with a long life. Read more about our partner here: 

Reuseable design Bottle

Both the bottle and the lid can go in the dishwasher. Reuse it for wine, water, oil, granola, grains or as a decorative vase.


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