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Løgismose and Meyers spent years working side by side with the same goal of raising the level of the Danish food culture. With the merger of the two family companies in 2015, the vision has grown bigger and more ambitious. The merger created one of Denmark's leading food companies firmly entrenched in the Danish farmland with a strong belief in producing quality food for the consumers.

The companies are anchored in the Danish farmland with a strong belief in being able to produce quality food for the Danish consumers. This is done both by producing high quality products as well as commercial establishments with unique products and healthy meals. The companies operates its own Dairy, Convenience meals production, Vinegar production and an organic Bakery production., All with a strong belief in the importance of the good taste and the quality of the products.

Meyers: Promoting the qualities of the Danish food culture
Through research, consulting, communication and entrepreneurship, Claus Meyer has worked to combat the misery and to promote the possibilities and quality of the Danish food culture for more than 30 years. The brand operates at all levels in the value chain from farm to table. Our main activities are in fruit farming, bakery products and vinegar production. But Meyers also operates restaurants and canteens, catering, food-teambuilding,  education and consulting. The main goal is to share the love for good food, culinary expertise and products of special quality with as many people as possible.In 2015 Meyers entered a collaboration with Coop making Meyer’s bread and convenience food available to consumers nationwide.

Løgismose: A vision of creating perfection through the meal
Løgismose A/S was established in 1965 with a vision of creating perfection through the meal. The company has evolved from importing quality French wines & fresh food directly from wine growers and farmers into a business operating in many different areas. Today the main activities are dairy production and other foods for retail trade, importing wine, oysters and other delicacies, as well as operating its own stores,  Løgismose has its own dairy production of skyr, salad cheese, pesto, hummus and ready made meals.

What can we offer:                                                                                                                                                                              We offer a broad range of quality products, primarily within baking, spreads and dairy products. Main focus is quality and flexibility in production. We are able to test, innovate and produce in smaller batches, as well as we offer flexibility in packaging sizes.

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