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Simplicity at its best

Liquid Fruit Company is a Danish company that specializes in organic and natural lemonades and nectars. We don't use concentrates and never add flavoring, coloring or other E-numbers to our products. It is all about the taste, and that's why all our products are mixed with water, and not with juice.

When water, fruit and cane sugar are the only three ingredients we use, to make our lemonades and nectars, it all comes down the the quality of the ingredients. That's why we only use the best ingredients and in an abundance.

All our products are bottled in glassbottles, with a clean and simple label, corresponding to the products themselves.

All products are blended, filled and quality controlled in Denmark.

Our Yuzu Lemonade got a 2-star rating in Great Taste Awards 2017.

Latest news

Organic Passion Fruit Nectar with 38% Passion Fruit Juice

Our Organic Passion Fruit Nectar, made with only passion fruit juice, water and cane sugar, is now available in 70 cl and 25 cl glass bottles.

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