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About us 

DANISH SPECIALITIES produces quality products based on simple and pure ingredients found in nature on Læsø Island. We have an environmental and sustainable programme to protect the environment, and our aim is to make the island organic. Læsø has a long history of magnificent natural heritage, which should be preserved and not exploited.

Læsø has all the necessary ingredients to live up to your expectations of a culinary experience. DANISH SPECIALITIES grows and processes ingredients and food locally. We use the ingredients of the season, which are fresh and pure and not least grown and produced in a morally correct way. Our products are based on a vision to encourage the natural taste.

Besides the taste experience it is important to us to create a visual experience, where the ingredients of the island are used optimally and used in the fields of delicatessen and gourmet food. To inspire kitchens worldwide is our aim; the autentic kitchen to be enjoyed both for party and for everyday use.

Our products - handmade on Læsø Island

Lobster soup
Our Norway lobster soup is made on an intense concentrate of fresh lobster shells. The lobsters are collected at Østerby Harbour on Læsø in the early morning. The soup is boiled down with organic herbs and tomato purée, then strained, thickened and seasoned with organic spices, Læsø Salt and organic heavy cream. The soup has a natural faint auburn colour with a very rich scent that fills the kitchen and has an amazing taste of lobster.

Marinated lobster
Our Marinated Norway lobster tails are marinated by hand. The freshly caught lobster tails are split, cleaned and marinated in parsley/garlic oil, and goes well with roasted slices of bread and garlic dressing; a perfect appetizer for any dinner.

Lobster tails
Our Norwegian lobster tails in spelt puff pastry, are equally make of freshly caught Norway lobsters. The tails are split, cleaned and are wrapped in butter rolled spelt puff pastry with organic sour cream dressing.

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