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Make it a good catch with Kattegat Seafood

About Kattegat Seafood

Kattegat Seafood embraces the values of the fishing village Hirtshals; respect and care for life, and not least respect and care of the sea! This is what embodies the area around Hirtshals on the northwest coast of Denmark. Hirtshals is where the story of Kattegat Seafood starts and this is where the main production takes place, in an environment where “everyone has grown up” with the fish-trade, fish production with the fresh product from the sea.

Specialized in herring

Through 50 years Kattegat Seafood A/S has specialized in production of high quality herring, with the assortment and facilities growing over the year, we now have dedicated plants for;

  • Herring
  • Smoked fish
  • Shellfish
  • Lumpfish roe

Kattegat Seafood is well known for the brands “Skipper” + “Hirtshals” + “Capella” which are among the best know seafood brands in Denmark. Divided in different segments, there is something for all. We sell our own brands not only in Denmark, but also throughout a big part of the EU. 

Products ranges

Kattegat Seafood A/S is a modern company with production- and storage facilities in strategic places in Denmark, with a product range of:


  • Marinated Herring / Spiced Herring
  • Herring in delicious sauces
  • Fried Herring
  • Matjes

Smoked fish

  • Hot Smoked Salmon / Cold smoked salmon
  • Hot smoked mackerel fillets / Hot smoked whole Mackerel


  • Prawns / Crayfish in brine
  • Handpeeled prawns in brine

 Lumpfish Roe

  • Black and red in superior quality

Besides our own brands, we are also specialists in private label production, and supply our products to some of the biggest retailers and wholesalers throughout EU. FoodSafety is a naturel part of our daily life, and we carry a higher level of IFS certification. We care for the sea and the future, and MSC certification is included on 90% of our products.


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