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Jelex Seafood A / S is a company based in Hirtshals, Denmark's largest salmon port. Our company is dedicated to the export of salmon and other derived ingredients for the food industry. We are an international company with 15 years of experience in the sector. We have 25 workers in the factory, in an area of ​​2500 m2 and a refrigerator of 700 m2. We produce, classify and pack all our products.

Our products

Jelex Seafood have a wide variety of products, both smoked and raw salmon. We guarantee a strict quality control, and we have a great technical knowledge that allows us to enrich our products and reduce costs for our customers. Also, being producers give us the experience to elaborate different specific products derived from salmon.

Our products range from salmon mince, smoked trimmings, granulated salmon, smoked salmon cubes, to bits & pieces, among other products. We can also produce according to the needs of our customers, for example: creams, pâtés, croquettes, pasta fillings, burgers, etcetera.

Another important point of our company, besides the great quality of our products, is the competitiveness and professionalism of the shipments, with a personal follow up of transports to all over Europe. Jelex Seafood has state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified personnel.

In the last year the company has grown a lot, achieving an important positioning in the sector of the production of salmon derivatives for the food industry. All this thanks to teamwork and the effort to continue improving the quality of our services and products, with competitive prices according to the global market.

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