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Our roots go back all the way to 1964

The sea is our natural element – because Jeka Fish is based in the Port of Lemvig, Denmark, where we feel the breezes off the North Sea every single day. This sharpens our focus and reaffirms our belief that the sea is an eternal source of health and growth.

Our history begins with the establishment of Jeka Fish back in 1985. The company was started by two local entrepreneurs, and started as a traditional fish processor, of local caught fish. Throughout the years the company developed and started to import frozen at sea longline cod in order to secure the best raw material and consistent supply. Today Jeka Fish is one of the biggest producers of wet salted cod fillets, and is specialized in the production of line-caught cod, from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, shellfish in brine, fish cakes and other seafood products.

We share the same set of values and make the same high demands on quality. Together we provide a wide range of quality seafood products both customized private label products and own branded products for retail, foodservice and industry.

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