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About Jeka Group 

Our roots go back all the way to 1964. Ever since we have been inspiring our customers to choose products of particularly high quality.

Our success is based on fine raw materials, gentle catching and production methods and, ultimately, straightforward products. With respect for raw materials, we create superbtaste experiences without compromising anywhere in our value chain. This imposes high requirements on our suppliers, employees and production methods.

All year round, we provide a wide and attractive selection of seafood products from recognised suppliers. With our fresh, gently-processed products we will inspire you to make a quality-conscious choice. It’s worth it.

Our products

  • Cod

We specialise in line-caught cod, and we offer both wet-salted, lightly salted and refresh products all year round. Longline fishing is used for harvesting all the cod Jeka Group processes and supplies to our customers. Jeka Groups company Jeka Fish offers a wide assortment of products from line caught cod.

The fish is treated in the best possible way from its caught alive by hook, one by one, until the fish is frozen on board within three hours. This ensures a quality of the highest standard and is considered fresher than fresh.

Longline fishing ensures minimal impact on ocean floor habitats, and is considered as a passive, environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method.

  • Brown Crab 

Live edible crabs are delivered to us directly from the North Sea and we process them the same day. We use a humane stunning method whereby the crab begin to hibernate before being brought to further processing. The finished products include whole cooked crab and crab claws, as well as several varieties of crab meat and value-added products. Jeka Groups facilities are located close to the main landings of brown crab in Denmark. Through our company Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni we supply a variety of quality brown crab products.

  • Fish Cakes

The primary ingredient in our wide variety of fish cakes is line-caught cod. Thai spices, crab meat and salmon are added to some varieties, and we are always open to developing new ones. These products join convenience and high quality.

Jeka Groups company Jeka Fish is producing fish cakes and fish burgers every day. The products are sold through our brands Cimbric and Havet's. We also do private label contracts. We offer a standard assortment of fish cakes but we also make tailor made fish cakes for our customers that suits their market and customers.

  • Shellfish

We source cold-water and warm-water prawn species, crayfish tails from all over the world and a wide range of other shellfish. We have a strong focus on MSC-labelled products. Our high-quality criteria can be seen and tasted in our products. Through our experienced shellfish producer Cimbric, we offer a wide selection of shellfish.

  • Oysters 

We are close to the raw material because our Pacific oysters are harvested directly from the Limfjord, where we also farm our otherwise eradicated Limfjord oysters. We always take water samples on site and clean out the oysters in deep water. Back at the production site, we wash the haul and then pack it fresh.

  • Whelks 

The short distance from catch to production ensures a fast process and top quality. We cook the whelks to the right consistency, after which we gently package them. Our company Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni offers cooked and raw whelks.

Jeka Group as your partner

We deliver quality to you. On your terms.

Jeka Group offers a sea of opportunities to meet any need on any market. We have high reliability of supply, vast experience of both short-term and long-term contracts, and we have the capacity to handle even the biggest packaging solutions. We are ready with solutions to enhance overall quality in many different contexts, including canteen lunches, supermarket products or ingredients for industrially processed products.

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