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the largest honey producer in scandinavia

The company was founded in 1996 by Jan Jakobsen and Knud Hvam. With their background as a purchaser and beekeeper, they set a team of specialists who together had a profound knowledge of honey from bee to table. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest honey producers in Scandinavia supplying the majority of Danish retailing, catering and industry. In addition export has been established to major retail chains all over the world and now the product range also contains Agave Syrup, dressings and hard candy.

The processing and bottling is done by a skilled staff with a thorough knowledge of beekeeping and honey production based on traditions dating as far back as 1921. A combination of this knowledge and an IFS certification with grade A ensures a high and uniform quality

In 2012 Helle Reinevald acquired the company as part of a planned alternation of generations. An up-to-date and flexible production plant build in 2001 with a yearly capacity exceeding 12.000 ton secures that even the largest customer demands can be accommodated by Jakobsens. Because of progress Jakobsens expanded their warehouse and production with another 2000 sqm in 2015. 2019 Jakobsens was awarded with the "Price for initiatives" by DI.

Jakobsens is a professional partner for buyers, whose purpose is the development and growth of the category. All sorts of honey from all over the world can be combined in different ways and filled in a wide range of packaging. Jakobsens knowledge of the markets, origins of raw materials, price levels and tastes secures the right costume made decisions in both low and high scale.

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