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About Ingemann Chocolate

Ingemann Chocolate is a Danish chocolate company. Ingemann Chocolate is not just a name brand but the reality of our bars. We established in Nicaragua, Central America in 2007. Since that year, we discovered heirloom nicaraguan trees in very old farms in the northern highlands of the country.

We were so amazed every different nicaraguan flavor and aroma potencial according to its part of the region. We created Origin Chocolate bars so you can discover a variety of characteristics that makes every bar unique and with identity!

Integrated value chain

Our Chocolate bars are produced through a unique and innovative model, where the whole value chain is managed by one entity from the tree to the bar. This allows for a sustainable production of the highest quality and a gourmet chocolate at an accessible price.

Our quality chocolates

  • CHONTALESA: Cocoa, nutty, green apple, green tea and herbal
  • JINOTEGA: Lime, Orange blossoms, olive, nutty and spicy
  • RAANA: Passion-fruit, doffee, pineapple, kiwi and tannic
  • MATAGALPA: Red wine, wood, orange, sparkling and floral
  • SEGOVIA: Tannic, sweet, brandy, plum and strawberry

Traceability and sustainanility

In addition to the fact that the price we pay our producers is reportedly amongst the highest paid worldwide to cocoa farmers, our special model - collecting the wet-mass at each farm gate to process it centrally - allows the producer to save resources and reduce risks. We also provide free trainings and technical assistance to the farmers, to help them get the most out of their plantations. 

Cocoa-ID™ is a label promoting 100% traceability of cocoa from farm level. The cocoa used in this bar is fully traceable up to the farm.

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