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About Hawfisk

We acquire fish and we are your agent in a number of the largest fish auctions in Europe.

Our expertise goes to great lengths and thus we are capable of taking care of EVERYTHING up to the point where your fish are on their way in the truck.

At Hawfisk, we are agents for our customers companies in the whole world. You get the opportunity to get into the Danish fish market and we offer to sell your products throughout Scandinavia.

Our food services

First of all, Hawfisk ensures you that you get first quality fish. Next, we guarantee that you get the fish to the best, lowest price.

At Hawfisk we are a full-service company - that means that we offer to handle the process for you, right from the fish acquisition at the auction, icing of the fish and until the fish is loaded and ready to be transported to you. 

  • Acquisition: We acquire fish and we are your agent at, among others, Hanstholm Fish Auction that is one of the largest fish auctions in Europe.

  • Icing: We guarantee that your fish constantly are cooled down until reception.

  • Reloading: We assure you that your fish is packed and handled correctly and professional so that the fish is delivered in good condition.

  • Loading: We ensure that your fish are loaded gently and are ready to be transported to you in the right and agreed time. Furthermore, we are helpful finding a proper carrier.

  • Paperwork: We take care of all the necessary paperwork, right from the fish acquisition until the delivery has taken place.
When you choose Hawfisk to acquire your fish, there are 100 % guarantee that you will have a qualified piece of work performed - and this is also the case when Hawfisk works as agent for your company. Hawfisk is able to provide you with this guarantee because this company emphasises the two following factors.

First of all, a detailed knowledge in the fish market is essential regarding business in auctions, and next dedication and commitment are indispensable. With pride, Hawfisk represents both of these two very important factors.

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