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About Greenlandice

GreenlandIce started out with the pleasure of homemade sorbet and a dream of creating a unique Greenlandic ice cream.

Ice from the ice cap, also known as the inland ice, is ideal to use in ice cream production because it does not contain minerals, allowing the flavor from fruits and other ingredients to be mixed much better than in regular water. This brings the ice cream a unique intense flavor and made it the natural choice for us when we began experimenting with the production of sorbet made from meltwater from the ice cap in 2009.

Since 2009, we have made sorbet for the Greenlandic market, and since 2015 it has possible to purchase our ice cream for distribution in Denmark.

Sustainable and local production

The ice cream is produced in Nuuk, where we are located close to the ice cap. We use small icebergs which have broken off the ice sheet and are collected by local labor. We also collect meltwater from rivers and streams originating on the ice cap in large containers which are then transported to Nuuk, where the water is filtered and used in the ice cream production.

The ice cream is handmade, and we only use green energy supplied by a hydroelectric power plant located near Nuuk, in all phases of our production.

We wish to contribute to the development of Greenland and the preservation of the amazing Greenlandic ecosystem in every way. It is extremely important for us that our production is part of a cycle in which we maintain a constant balance of resources and environment.

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