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Organic natural functional ingredients - functional food/dietary supplement/cosmetics

  • Organic Danish FD GreenKale powder and leaves (food & beverages, nutrition, cosmetics) /retail and FS
  • Natural Danish historic SeaSalt
  • Sustainably crafted delicatessen Salmon & Caviar and FishSauce from Scandinavia
  • Organic Danish Chocolates & Sweets
  • Kingdom of fine Belgian Chocolates

About us

2016: Establishing branch office in Nerima, Tokyo. Manager Aki Asami

Optimising and- refining FD GreenKale production to health nutraceutical use for industries in nutrition and cosmetic segments..

  • Læsø Salt on market – launching at Isetan, Tokyo
  • Affirming position for superfood GreenKale ingredients in  functional food in Japan, Taiwan and EU.
  • Introducing Naturfrisk in Japan

2015: Having examined the potentials of traditional Danish Grønlangkål in Japan and Taiwan we entered into adapting this highly nutritional curly greenkale to the demands of the modern lifestyle and started out production of freeze-dried GreenKale Powder and Granulates for use in nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and in multiple food applications.

  • This product is now being produced for Food & beverage
  • Health products (dietary supplements)
  • Cosmetics

2014  We market matured the traditional Danish GreenKale to the modern trendy, health nutritional market. Established production from grower of Organic GreenKale to final superfood ingredient in the form of gently freeze-dried GreenKale Powders and leaves from the traditional Danish Curly Kale – Brassica Oleracea var Acephala convar Sabellica. Production flow – approved and certified Organic with IFS and HACCP control by Danish and EU Health Authorities. JAS APPROVED.for Japan.. Ready to launch 2015.

2013: GREEN GOURMET A/S was established  to establish exports of healthy, up-market Danish Craft Food Specialties to city-centres world-wide. We   organize and effect exports for small and medium-sized independent producers of up-market craft food specialties to the luxury and health market segments.

Within the Danish agricultural and specialty food production the majority of the companies consists of small and middlesized, privately owned independent companies . Their products (organic or sustainably produced) are excellent and bearing the love and know-how of centuries of producing high-quality, pure, high-safety foods based on the typical raw materials of the Nordic climate and on traditions of the Danish Kitchen – adapted to today’s globalized city-life and life-style.

However, being an excellent producer making state-of- the- art specialties does not make you an excellent marketeer for which reason we have formed an export organisation for craft producers and a market-team at Green Gourmet enabling superb and unique delicacies to arrive at their final destinations.

Latest news

Philip Schroyen Praline by GG  - ready for VALENTINES Japan 2019

VALENTINES 2019 JAPAN - great introduction of Fine Belgian Pralinen created by Philip Schroyen in 2018 made it possible to expand to 9 dptmt stores in Tokyo 2019

Art is Chocolate - Chocolate is art!

We are FIRST MOVER in Japan, and are now opening 4 departments with Belgian Praline chocolates...

Healthy Organic GreenKale Powder

Organic VIKING GreenKale matcha. Time is of the Essence - Power to the Plants - Balancing the Scales - Health to EveryONE...

Organic FD GreenKale Powder

Organic FD GreenKale Powder now available for private label: General supermarkets, Health stores, Pharmacies, Fitness Centres, Wellness and beauty-from within.

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