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Organic natural functional ingredients - functional food/dietary supplement/cosmetics

  • Organic KaLOHaS+ bioactiveGreenKale powder and flakes (food & beverages, nutrition, cosmetics) /retail and FS
  • Organic Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices
  • Natural Danish historic SeaSalt
  • Philip Schroyen Belgian Pralinen

Our vision: is to unlock the codes of Nature to access healthy natural food/ingredients for improved health and wellbeing of everybody.

Our mission is to innovate, market, and promote our findings to people conscious of obtaining better lifestyles and lifelong health.

Green Gourmet A/S is a  small innovative producer and distributor of the ancient type Danish Curly Kale:

KaLOHaS+ organic bioactive powders and flakes - in retail /and bulk packaging. 

Ayurvedic organic Indian herbs and spices  from our partners  in the EU 

Philip Schroyen Belgian Pralinen in Japan

We export to Japan/Taiwan/Malaysia/UAE/India and in the EU. 

Latest news

Philip Schroyen Praline by GG  - ready for VALENTINES Japan 2019

VALENTINES 2019 JAPAN - great introduction of Fine Belgian Pralinen created by Philip Schroyen in 2018 made it possible to expand to 9 dptmt stores in Tokyo 2019

Art is Chocolate - Chocolate is art!

We are FIRST MOVER in Japan, and are now opening 4 departments with Belgian Praline chocolates...

Healthy Organic GreenKale Powder

Organic VIKING GreenKale matcha. Time is of the Essence - Power to the Plants - Balancing the Scales - Health to EveryONE...

Organic FD GreenKale Powder

Organic FD GreenKale Powder now available for private label: General supermarkets, Health stores, Pharmacies, Fitness Centres, Wellness and beauty-from within.

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